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  • August 05, 2020 2:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For many of you Vagabonds as well as those of us on the Board of Directors, today is a very special day because it's the first time we can all get together again after the tough months that kept us from having a General Meeting where we could see all of you wonderful Vagabond members.  So today, all of that changes and we can be back again at Serb Hall where we can say hello once again to the hundreds of you loyal folks whom we've missed for so very long. The Board members have worked so hard to make this event happen today, so I hope you will come to make them all feel that the work has been worthwhile.                               

    It will be so nice to see many of you again and say hi to you and show how happy we are just to be back with you and have food together again and have a Roundtable Talk, and then have one of our favorite bands, the Best of Everything, back to play music and let folks enjoy the songs and maybe get out and dance as well with smiles.  And, by coincidence, I just got off the phone with Yvonne Lewandowski who was on Fox 6 TV yesterday and will be doing our Roundtable talk today to encourage people to sign up for one or so of the many, many Senior Olympic sporting events she is in charge of.  And, yes, she is very much looking forward to seeing you Vagabonds once again, too. 

    Okay, as you can tell, I'm really excited about tonight and getting back to see and be with many, many of you whom I and others have missed so much.  We've had such a great club for so many years, so we're now trying as hard as we can to help bring lots of you back again to show that Vagabonds still love this club and want to get past the problems we all have had to endure and now look forward to start a new chapter in the Vagabond Lives we've enjoyed for so many years. So I hope to see a lot of you this evening.  Needless to say, I will try to connect with every one of you.  We will be open until the last song the band plays tonight. Come and enjoy being reunited.

    P.S. Here's something I'd like to run by all of you to see if I get enough interest to go forward with this event.  A number of times in the past, I've run a Lake Geneva special boat event that is divided into two parts.  1) The first part features a 6-7 mile hike along the lakeshore to Williams Bay that takes hikers past virtually all of the gorgeous and spectacular homes that are exposed to the hikers where they can see and admire them up close.  At the end of the hike, the hikers then have a little picnic for an hour or so and then wait for the all of the other people who will get on the big Lake Geneva Cruise Boat that picks up all of the hikers at Williams Bay and then the whole group of hikers and the riders who boarded earlier in the morning and takes evryone around the remaining 3/4 or so of the beautiful lake.  The boat riders would start about 10 am at the Lake Geneva dock and board the boat, and the hikers would start hiking about 8 am, do the hike, and thenget picked up by the boat to ride across all the rest of the lake.   It's a great event and the last time I ran it, we had about 80 folks -- the hikers and the riders.  A great time, after which we all go for ice cream.  If we do it again, it would be sometime in September when it's still warm out and Lake Geneva isn't so busy and would fit our Vag schedule, too. All I'm asking now is for replies to me that you would be interested in this great and fun trip, riding the whole lake by boat, OR do the hiking part, then riding 3/4 of the lake after the hike.

    Let me hear from you by email,, or by phone, 414-788-4907, to let me know if you'd be interested if I  this event.

    Now, as for tonight, I hope we'll see a lot of you there and please come and talk with me if I don't see you first.  As you know, I get so excited about these General Meeting events, so I hope my excitement is well answered.


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